Europharma | Personal Hygenic Soft Tampon
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The New Look

Europharma has a completely new look. Europharma is a soft, comfortable foam tampon that you wear inside during your period. Europharma offers invisible protection, even up to 8 hours. Invisible because the Europharma tampon is string-free.

So during your period, with Europharma tampons, you can go to the sauna and no-one will notice a string. You can alos go swimming without worrying about anything.

Frequently asked questions

Q: How do you insert the Europharma tampon?

A: There are several tampons, some are equipped with an applicator, others consist of spherical cotton. The Europharma tampon is a special soft sponge. Fold the tampon between your index finger and thumb, so you can easily insert the tampon. Always read the manual.

Q: Can you easily remove the tampon when it is very deep inside?

A: After love-making the tampon will be somewhat deeper than when you wear the tampon without having made love. Right after intercourse, your vagina is still maximally stretched, so wait a bit before removing the tampon. It is easiest to remove it whilst taking a shower or having a bath, then you are nicely relaxed and your vagina is moist and supple. If you like, you can let the tampon sink down a bit (get heavier) by getting it wet using the shower; then the tampon is easier to get hold of. Relaxation is the key.

Q: Why doesn’t the tampon have any string?

A: That’s what makes it so user-friendly. It’s what gives you the freedom to do whatever you want. For example, whenever you are in the sauna, the swimming pool or at the beach, you don’t have to worry that the string may be hanging out of your swimsuit.

Q: Can I swim with the tampon in?

A: With Europharma tampons, you can do anything you like doing during your period. They offer you the opportunity to play sports, go swimming and even make love as normal during your period if you want to, since the Europharma tampon absorbs the menstrual blood inside your body.

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